The Art of EV Charger

C600M_V2 Waterproof IP67 Intelligent Charger


  • Charger for lead-acid batteries (Flooded, Gel, and AGM) and Li-Ion batteries (lithium iron, lithium manganese and lithium nickel cobalt manganese)
  • multi-stages smart charging characteristic
  • AC voltage range: 180~264VAC or 90~132VAC
  • Protections: Short circuit /Overload /Over voltage /Low voltage /Over temperature /Over current /Reverse polarity /Timing /Fully charged shut down /No leaking current drain out of the battery
  • High efficiency, Maximum efficiency can be up to 93%
  • Class I power (with earth pin)
  • Waterproof Fanless design, cooling by free air convection
  • IP Rating: IP67
  • 2 color LED loading indicator
  • Embed MCU intelligent control, Isolated/Non-isolated RS485 and Isolated/Non-isolated CAN2.0B communication for option, OLED display for option, it shows voltage, current, time and SOC percent
  • No spark DC plug design when the DC connector plugs into or unplugs from the battery
  • No spark design when short circuit protection
  • Active zero voltage battery charge input port
  • Low cost, high reliability
  • Typical Voltage & Current: 84V5A, 71.4V6A, 54.6V7.5A, 42V10A, 29.4V15A, 14.6V20A

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