C80 E-Bike E-Scooter Chargers


•Charger for Li-Ion batteries(lithium iron, lithium manganese and Li-NiCoMn) and lead-acid batteries(flooded, Gel and AGM)
•Two stage charging for Li-Ion batteries or three stage charging for lead-acid batteries
•Universal AC input/full range: 90VAC~264VAC 50/60HZ, 2.0A
•Efficiency: >89% @230VAC 100% Load
•Operating temperature: -20~40°C(-4°F~104°F)
•2 pole AC inlet IEC 60320-C8 or 3 pole AC inlet IEC60320-C6
•Class I or Class II power
•Protections: Short circuit/Over voltage/Over current/Over temperature
•Fanless design, cooling by free convection
•Fully enclosed plastic case
•2 color LED indicator for charging status

Model list
Model Rated output voltage
Rated output current
Max.output power
Transformer type
C80-VxxxAyy 12.0-16.8 0.1-4.0 67.2 T031-14.6V4A
24.0-29.4 0.1-3.0 88.2 T032-29.2V4A
36.0-42.0 0.1-2.0 84.0 T024-42.0V4A
"xxx"=120-168 or 240-294 or 360-420 stands for rated output voltage 12.0-16.8VDC or 24.0-29.4 VDC or 36.0-42.0VDC with step of 0.1V; "yy"=01-40 stands for rated output current 0.1-4.0A with step of 0.1A.