C1500-KC/KCC Certificate Intelligent Charger


•Charger for Li-Ion batteries(lithium iron, lithium manganese and Li-NiCoMn) and lead-acid batteries(flooded, Gel and AGM)
•Universal AC input/full range: 200VAC-240VAC 50HZ
•Aluminum shell case
•Protections: Short circuit/Over voltage/Over power/Over temperature
•Operating temperature: -25~40°C(-13°F~104°F)
•MCU embedded intelligent control
•With fan design, cooling by Fan
•Optional with OLED display
•Efficiency: ≥90%
•Weight: 3.0kg
Model Input AC voltage range
Nominal voltage
Maximum charging voltage
Maximum charging current
C1500-C60V15A 200~240 60 71.4 15
C1500-C84V15A 200~240 72 84 15

UL62368-1, TUV EN62368-1,EN55032 /EN55035 FCC PART 15B