XTD60 60W DC-DC Intelligent Charger


•Charger for batteries (lithium iron, lithium manganese and lithium nickel cobalt manganese) 
•multi-stages smart charging characteristic
•DC input range: 10~24VDC
•Protections: Short circuit /Overload /Over voltage /Low voltage /Over temperature /Over current /Reverse polarity /Timing /Fully charged •cutoff /No leaking current drain out of the battery
•High efficiency, Maximum efficiency can be up to 90%
•Fanless design, cooling by free air convection
•2 color LED loading indicator and LED Segment Displays
•Embed MCU intelligent control
•No spark DC plug design when the DC connector plugs into or unplugs from the battery
•No spark design when short circuit protection
•Active zero voltage battery charge input port
•Typical voltage and current: 42V1.4A, 29.4V2A