C80 E-Bike E-Scooter Chargers


•Charger for Li-Ion batteries(lithium iron, lithium manganese and Li-NiCoMn)and lead-acid batteries(flooded, Gel and AGM)
•Protections: Short circuit/Over voltage/Over power/reverse polarity/No spark
•Operating temperature: -20~40°C(-4°F~104°F)
•AC input range: 90VAC~264VAC 50/60HZ, 2.0A
•Fanless design, cooling by free convection
•Efficiency: >89% @230VAC 100% Load
•Fully enclosed plastic case
•Weight: 0.38kg

Model list
Model Rated output voltage
Rated output current
Max.output power
C80-VxxxAyy 12.0-16.8 1.0-4.0 67.2
24.0-29.4 1.0-3.0 88.2
36.0-42 1.0-2.0 84
48.0-54.6 1.0-1.5 81.9
“xxx”=120-168 or 240-294 or 360-420 or 480-546stands for rated output voltage 12.0-16.8VDC or 24.0-29.4 VDC or 36.0-42.0VDC or 48.0-54.6VDC with step of 0.1V; “yy”=10-40 stands for rated output current 1.0-4.0A with step of 0.1A.