S360 600W Built-in Charger


•Charger for Li-Ion batteries(lithium iron, lithium manganese and Li-NiCoMn)and lead-acid batteries(flooded, Gel and AGM)
•Protections:Short circuit/Over voltage/Over power/Over temperature/reverse polarity/No spark
•multi-stages smart charging characteristic
•Universal AC range: 90~264VAC
•Built-in active PFC, PF>0.95
•High efficiency, Maximum efficiency can be up to 92%
•Class I power (with earth pin)
•Cooling by fan
•2 color LED loading indicator
•Embed MCU intelligent control
•Active zero voltage battery charge input port
•Typical voltage and current: 84V6A, 71.4V7A, 54.6V8A, 42V10A, 29.4V10A, 14.6V15A